Aegis Lawyers welcomes Lawyers, Legal Profession Aegis Lawyers  and Law Firms all over the India.

Aegis Lawyers is a Chandigarh, India based Law firm providing opportunity to lawyers of India for the Membership with mutual benefits. The Aegis Lawyers in its endeavour to reduce the expense of the client by entrusting the work to the lawyer of the Jurisdiction in which the legal matter has to be dealt with. Hence, the law firm has signed Membership agreements with more than 70 lawyers and law firms in India. Aegis Lawyers have tie-up with the lawyers in all Districts of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh and we are committed to spread it all over India.

In India  Aegis Lawyers  providing the opportunity of Membership for the lawyer and law firms of District court, High Court, Lawyers of Special forums like Tax, Consumer, Fem Tribun Aegis Lawyers , Company Law Board, Intellectual property appellate board etc.

Terms and Conditions
  • Only Practicing Lawyer's Law Firms and Legal Associates can be the Member of the Network.
  • Published Content on is and will be the property of the AEGIS LAWYERS.
  • All the Applications of the Lawyers and Law Firms forwarded through the website application form, by email etc., will be considered for selection as per AEGIS LAWYERS criteria.
  • The Member profile and photo will be Published on the as per AEGIS LAWYERS Criteria.
  • Being a Member does not entitle you to get free Entry Tickets or Passes for the Events Organised or Hosted by AEGIS LAWYERS or any Partner.
  • The cases will be Assigned to Members as per case Availability for that Geographic area, Partner/ Member Experience, Client Criteria and AEGIS LAWYERS Choice to Members for that Case.
  • Any Case Assigned to within the Network by Member to another Member have to be routed through the AEGIS LAWYERS.
  • All the charges and Fees have to be Negotiated and been Pre-approved by the Members in writing before starting the work.
  • All the Partners'/ Members have to report to the AEGIS LAWYERS in detail in writing about the Proceedings separately of every case assigned on Daily, weekly or on hearing basis. Failing to do may impose termination from the membership and penalties as per decided by AEGIS LAWYERS.
  • AEGIS LAWYERS is Planning implement the Online reporting and Case management system, the extended terms and conditions of the facility.
  • In case any of the AEGIS LAWYERS client directly Approaches any member, that member has to inform the same to the AEGIS LAWYERS and further handling of the case, fees and charges will be finalised by AEGIS LAWYERS or on AEGIS LAWYERS directions.
  • AEGIS LAWYERS reserve the rights all time to accept reject the membership request and Reserve right to cancel the membership.
  • In case if any member wishes to leave the network, for any reason, the member has to submit a detailed report, of all the cases assigned by AEGIS LAWYERS to him. He/She will have to assist the AEGIS LAWYERS and its members in the same cases and even after the separation, the partner will not approach or canvas the clients of the AEGIS LAWYERS.
  • If the case is assigned to the partner/ members and partner/ members is not reporting to AEGIS LAWYERS or not working on assigned cases as per instructions without any prior information in writing, the AEGIS LAWYERS reserve all the right to assign the case to any other member.
  • Any misrepresentation of the AEGIS LAWYERS and its network will be considered as an offence and member will be liable to termination from the network and appropriate legal action will be initiated.
  • Under any dispute within the network or with client or with AEGIS LAWYERS staff or with other related to AEGIS LAWYERS, the decision by AEGIS LAWYERS authorities will be final and acceptable.
  • AEGIS LAWYERS reserve the right all time to update and change the Terms and conditions.