Retainer-Ship for Legal services

Today all business houses, Companies and professional require regular legal services on various issues on day today basis including consultation, issuing notices, responding to legal notices, responding to show cause notice from statutory authorities, drafting of contracts, vetting of contracts, amending the contracts, employment related issues, statutory compliances etc., But when the works are entrusted with conventional law firms the cost of the services become very expensive. If the clients go to individual lawyers they do not get experts in different disciplines of law under one roof. But our endeavor is to bring experts from different fields of law under one roof and ensure best advice to the clients. Hence the Firm offers subscription of legal services to Business houses, Companies and professionals on pre paid retainer-ship or contact basis.Legal Service Retainer-Ship Benefits for Clients

The Clients who engage the Firm on Retainer-Ship basis will get various benefits including,

1. Affordable Monthly Retainer-Ship Fee:

It is important to note that many legal issues arise out of carelessly drafted communications and contracts. Some clients choose to use their common sense than going to a lawyer or a law firm and take a risk of ending up in poorly drafted legal documents, legal notices, agreements, contracts and legal communication. This risk is taken by even by Company clients, even where high stakes are involved mainly because of the un-estimatable costs of the legal services. Hence Aegis Lawyers offers an affordable monthly Retainer-Ship fees covering most of the legal services required by a Company or a professional in avoid unnecessary complications in the course of their business or profession.

2. Unlimited legal advice on various issues by experts:

The other challenge faced by the Companies and clients is dealing with many lawyers to find a solution for one matter, due to the multidisciplinary and complex nature of the legal issue. But the experts of Aegis Lawyers having exposed to various complex, multidisciplinary legal issues are competent to give the best advice to the clients. The Panel of experts of our firm includes senior lawyers, retired Judges, former high level officers and experts from various disciplines ensure the best possible advice to the clients. Hence the clients can rely on the advice of the firm and where ever there is necessity for second opinion the firm will refer the client to independent experts as well.

3. Unlimited drafting and vetting of contracts by experienced lawyers:

The Companies and professionals enter into many contracts and binding agreements in the course of their business and professional activities. Due to globalization the value of the contracts are normally very high. In the initial stage since both the parties enjoy friendship and mutual trust, they do not expect any misunderstanding or dispute between them. They are worried only about the financials and not the other issues at the time of signing of the contract. In such a situation the parties may end up in suffering due to one sided arbitration clause, improper explanation of the responsibilities of the parties, unclear payment terms, heavy penalty clauses, expensive time consuming litigation process, unfair termination clause etc., Hence it is advisable always to get the contracts drafted or vetted by a lawyer or a law firm with relevant experience. The Firm offers unlimited services in this area along with the Retainer-Ship arrangement.

4. Issuing legal notices, reply notices:

Issuing legal notices and responding to the legal notices within the prescribed time and with necessary information, helps the parties in a later stage. Wrongly drafted notices and reply notices sometimes put the clients into irreparable loss and injury. Hence the firm undertakes to issue all the legal notices and reply notices as per law, during the Retainer-Ship period.

5. Reduced fee for litigation:

The firm also offers a fixed fees for the clients who engage the firm on Retainer-Ship relationship, for handling their litigation in various Courts and tribunals. This arrangement also helps the clients to estimate and budget their expected legal expenses. Hence the Firm handles the litigation of the clients having retainer relationship in a reduced cost.

6. Free participation in law related training:

The firm organizes legal awareness programmes periodically for the benefits of the clients and others. These training programmes help the non-legal managers and entrepreneurs to understand the basics and updates in the field of law. The clients having Retainer-Ship arrangement will get free participation in the training programmes organized by the firm.

Affordable Retainer-Ship Plans for Legal Services

The Firm has designed various Cost effective schemes according to the requirements of various types of clients. If you fill-up the details in contact us form, a lawyer from our office will contact you to discuss the further details.