Striving to be our clients single point of contact for all grievances as well as empower and educate them with self-service tools and solutions for justice.

By creating an online complaint registration and mediation mechanism, Aegis endeavours to put the power back in the hands of the people/consumer, so that they can exercise their rights and be protected with correct legal guidance and action at any given point. Aegis will ensure that the people can report their grievances online and experts in the field can advise them and channelize their complaints to a proper authority, for quick and effective disposal. Aegis would also seek to provide redressal by directly taking up issues with manufacturers, or the providers of goods and service or other Government agencies and organizations.


To provide consistent, best-in-class support, by understanding, strategising and resolving problems efficiently; communicating effectively; and educating masses about their rights at the same time.

Aegis is built on the foundation of ethics, good morals, transparency and an everlasting thirst to serve the people. By offering online support, the company now can reach more people around the country even the younger tech-savvy generation, present numerous cost effective services from highly qualified legal professionals in a shorter time span. The ‘on the go’ facility leads to lesser time wastage on running around lawyers and courts and also satiates each & every query of the person in need in a timely and friendly manner. This not only helps individuals in understanding legal matters more efficiently but also helps in attaining the best strategies and support for their case in question.